FAQ on pcb and pcba manufacturing

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Is there a minimum quantity?

At CHENONN ELEC, there is no minimum quantity! You are free to order just 1 PCB if that is all you require.

What’s your quality warranty

We keep our prices low by constantly implementing more efficient manufacturing processes, by developing systems that allow us to quickly change setups, by maintaining partnerships with suppliers, and by conservatively managing our business.We are committed to providing our customers with quality PCBs that meet the highest standards for quality and …

Do you check my manufacturing data?

Yes. We check your  manufacturing data based on documents you sent to us. We do provide some suggestions to you, free of charge if you need, on our design rules such as increasing clearance, trace width or pad size to decrease cost or make your ordered boards within our manufacturing …

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Can I place an order at the weekend?

Yes. Our online sales system operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week,so you can place your  order at anytime to contact our sales.You can  place an order at the weekend? Normally, you will be sent a confirmation email within 4 hours of you placing the order. For orders …

Do I still need to pay setup and tooling fee for repeat order?

Setup and tooling fee is no need for repeat order. We keep the setup and tooling in our factory for six months. So if your order is repeated within six months, the setup and tooling fee fee can be deducted.

Do you test the bare PCBs before dispatch?

Yes,we test the bare PCBs .All prototypes and medium volume order PCBs are tested using flying probe testers. Custom designed and manufactured fixtures (also called bed of nails) are used for large production runs. E-test costs are included in the prices you quoted online.

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PCB File

What kinds of PCB files does CHENONN ELEC need?

We prefer to accept Gerber RS-274X and NC drill files which is our standard manufacturing format PCB files . Please archive all your files into a ZIP/RAR file for uploading. For multi-layer boards please indicate the layer sequence information in a txt file. If you are using these design tools, and have …

Can I use inch sizes in my design?

Yes, you can use imperial units in your design. But please note that we work in metric units. This means we will convert your dimension to metric with the nearest available metric value.

How can I check the manufacturing data before I send it to you?

We recommend GC-Prevue and Gerbv as Gerber viewer to manufacturing data. Try GC-Prevue from Graphicode which is free of charge. It will allow you to check the Gerber and drill data. For Linux customers, please use Gerbv which can run on many common Unix platforms.

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PCB Specification

Is the hole size defined in the Gerber file the finished hole diameters?

The hole size (contained in your Gerber file) is assumed as the finished hole diameters after plating. The tolerance of size is +/-0.08mm.

Can you tell me the thickness information about your 4-layer PCB stack-up?

The standard 1.6mm thickness 4-layer PCB stack-up is as below (from top to bottom): 1oz copper (0.035mm) + 7628Prepreg(0.1778mm) + 1.2mm core board + 7628Prepreg(0.1778mm) + 1oz copper(0.035mm). The tolerance of the finished thickness is +/-0.1mm. We can also offer 4 layer PCBs with thicknesses of 0.8mm, 1.0mm, 2.0mm and …

What is your standard specification of PCB?

Standard specification of PCB .The following is used for our standard specification of board : FR4, 1.6mm thickness, 1oz copper weight, white silkscreen, green solder mask, HASL/Gold finish.

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PCB Assembly

What is your lead-time for PCB assembly?

If all the parts are available, normally the PCB assembly job can be finished within 5 to 9 days in our factory. This means that the order can be delivered within 2 to 3 weeks once assembly job start. About the lead-time for pcb assembly,however, we can’t fully guarantee the …

What are your PCB assembly quality standards?

About the pcb assembly quality standards,we manufacture PCBs to meet IPC-A-610 Rev D Class 2 specifications as the default, supported by inspection and test criteria established by IPC.

How do we need to supply our components?

We encourage customers to use our components sourcing services. This is the most cost-effective and fastest way for PCB assembly. Bear in mind that our factory is in ShenZhen of China and 73% of electronic components in the world are originally made in Asia. If you decide to provide the …

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Can I put multiple circuits together and run them as one PANEL PCB order?

Yes. We allow a maximum of two circuits to be put on the same panel without any extra charge.  Put multiple PCB together and run them as one PANEL PCB .These two circuits can be the same design or different. Any of them should not be larger than 80x80mm. These …

What is the minimum distance between the boards on the panel?

The minimum distance between the boards on the panel is Zero, if you use V-score between the circuits/boards. However, if you like to use stamp holes (also called mouse bite) between them please leave at least 3mm’s gap.

What is the maximum panel size I can use?

While the single circuit board can be up to 500mm x 500mm, the maximum panel size we allow is 230mm x 310mm.

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Payment & Shipping

How do you determine the lead time?

We consider the lead time as the period of time between order confirmation and order arrival (manufacturing time + shipping time). We have options of between 5 and 11 working days for prototype orders. Example: An order placed on Monday with 5 working days’ lead time, payment made and accepted, …

What payment methods does CHENONN ELEC accept?

We don’t mislead our customers, the amount you get from our sales quote form is the total you need to pay. Payment methods-We accept payment by all major credit and debit cards. We also accept bank transfers via Western Union, wire transfers, and payments through PayPal. Please note that if you …

What’s the refund policy?

If you request a refund before the manufacturing process starts, you will be refunded the full payment amount. If the request is made after the manufacturing process has started, the refund amount will be minus the materials and process costs at that time.

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