PCBA Prototyping entering into Panel board SMT Prototype times

PCBA Prototyping:SMT Prototype Times in CHENONN

Tips:What a wonderful things when you received the PCB prototypes with the Resistor and Capacitor are all soldered ,and you just need soldering some IC or some other active components,then you can do your testing work quickly.–That is why we provide the PCBA Prototyping servcies for our customer.

We all know that as an engineer to soldering the resistor and the capacitor one by one on the PCB is really a terrible work. Especially for those boards complexity with dozens or hundreds of resistor and capacitor.

But now you do not have this kind of worries any more,we (CHENONN) provide Standard PCBA Prototyping services for you. We are sure it is the most competitive price in the world,we only charge $50 tooling fee,and the another important thing is the lead time is just add 1 more day than the PCB prototype.

1,Let’s have a look at the PCBA Prototyping samples:

All the resistor and capacitor are all soldered on the board except the IC and some other acitive components,it can save you 80% hand soldering work on your PCBA prototype.It’s amazing!

PCBA Prototyping

2,CHENONN’s PCBA Prototyping Solution:

We are known that the PCBA Prototyping is unworthy job in this industry,we paid high salary to our engineer but let them do the common laborer’s hand work.

  • –Take much time to find the most types components in the BOM (resistor and capacitor)
  • –Soldering them one by one ,staring at the board and bending your body all day.
  • –It is bad to your healthy as long time breath in the environment of hand soldering work.
  • –Sometimes,the small package like the 0402 make you crazy when you handle it.
  • –Normally 80% of the PCBA Prototyping soldering work is soldering the resistor and the capacitor.

So we provide the solution for this situation,we have stock 400+ kinds of resistor and capacitor,the standard specification is easy for our customer to make choice on their boards.When you received your boards,the resistor and the capacitor are already soldering on the PCB,obviously it will save time and money on your PCBA project.

3,Charging Standard:

  • Tooling fee:$50
  • Soldering fee:charge by the quantity of the pads,$0.02/pad(If there are 1000 pads on the boards,then the cost is $20)
  • Components cost:We have our own components warehouse,we can provide the most competitive price to our customer.

4,Which components we can Mounting for our PCBA Prototyping

Now we have prepared more than 500,00 kinds of resistor and capacitor in our SMT Prototype components list. We can not accept the majority components in the market in our components warehose.

5,The requirement for the SMT Bom.

  • Format,the bom format should be xls,xlxs,csv
  • Bom parameter:value,package,ref.

6,Pick and Place file

Please prepared the pick and place file for SMT mounting work,normally all the PCB original file can generate the pick and place file.


1,Whick kind of order can be accepted?

At present,this Standard SMT Prototype services just accept the PCBA Prototype order which the quantity is less than 30 pieces

2,For the Standard PCBA Prototyping order,what is the specification?

We accept the double layer,4 layer board,the thickness is 1.0mm,1.2mm,1.6mm,HASL,Immersion gold,green soldering,white legend,we will add other specification in near future.

3,What’s the lead time for the PCBA Prototype order?

It is 4-5 days,it is only add one day than the PCB prototype.

4,If I want make 10 pieces PCB,but I just want to make 5 pieces PCBA Prototype,is it OK?

Yes,it’s OK,but the MOQ for PCBA prototype is 5 pcs.

5,Shall we delete these components on the BOM the SMT do not mounting?

No,our system can auto pairing your BOM,and mounting the required components.

6,During the SMT mounting process,the pads do not soldering components will be add paste?

No,because if we add paste on the pad,then it will not smooth,it’s bad for you to do the next hand work for IC or other active components.

7,Do you support for the double side PCB SMT mounting?

No,this kind of Standard PCBA Prototype services do not support the double side board mounting at present.But we can provide you customized PCBA Services.

8,Can you accept we delivery the components to your factory and soldering all the components?

Yes,we can ,but this kind of situation will be take more time than the Standard PCBA prototyping service.