Pcba capability

PCBA CapabilitiesPCBA capability. We are a leading professional electronics manufacturing service (EMS) supplier in China, which provides turnkey PCB assembly services,include BGA, COB, SMT, and through-hole assembly worldwide service .Our product range covers various fields, Such as:consumer electronics, telecommunications, industrial products , auto mobile assemblies, medical equipment etc.

Our services:

-SMT assembly -Through-hole assembly
-Prototype pcb assembly -Low volume pcb assembly
-QFN and BGA assembly -Turnkey pcb assembly
-AOI testing -Function testing
-Components procurement

We also offer the following benefits to our customers:
1.Fast pcba Quick-turn service,the fastest could be one day.
2.We also can deliver a shipment from our China factory to our customer’s warehouse.
3. Our express shipping charge rate is better than DHL, FedEx, and UPS.
4. Our quotation is always in the low side since we have good relationships with our asia suppliers, and we also can source parts in the USA.
5. We also accept low volume orders since we always want to grow with our customers together.