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PCB Prototype

PCB Prototype,before batch product,normally we have to make some sample to test for the functional,if it is OK,then the medium or batch product will be processing.

Double sided PCB Prototyping 10cm×10cm

PCB Prototyping
Double sided PCB Prototyping

Double sided PCB Prototyping

Item Specification:

  • Price:$5-35
  • Quantity:10 pieces
  • Board Size:L≤10cm,W≤10cm
  • Lead time:2-3 days
  • Shipping:15-25 days (China post air)
  • Techincal Specification:Fr4,1.6mm,1oz,green solder mask,white silkscreen,HASL with lead.(Standard)
  • Gerber files send to ,please also leave us your shipping information.