Faqs / What’s the delivery warranty

We understand short lead time is essential in today’s rapidly changing market place.

A tracking number will be sent via email when your boards are despatched.

A signature is required for delivery. If our delivery partner is unable to obtain a signature when they attempt to deliver your PCBs, you will receive a postcard with collection details. The time when the first delivery is attempted will be considered as our delivery arrival time.

We are not in control of the performance of the delivery service, but we do still provide the delivery warranty to our customers. In the unlikely event that your PCBs are delivered one working day after the guaranteed time, we will give you a 5% discount on your next order. If the delivery delay is between 24 and 48 hours (two working days), a 10% discount will be offered; 15% discount for 48-72 hours’ delay, and so on (up to 30% of your order.). Please be aware that this price reduction policy doesn’t not apply to these Laid-back Price orders.


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