Universal PCB / Breadboards / DIY PCB

As a PCB factory,we serve every industrial company customers for their electronic project, we provide them customized PCB & PCBA.Meanwhile,we also want to provide more and more product to many electronics enthusiasts,students.So we produced the breadboards and IC adapter board to meet their demands.

Double-Side Prototype PCB Board,breadboards.
Grid: 0.1 “(2.54mm) (Standard layout).
Material: FR-4 (fiberglass).
All holes are plated through.
Crafts: HAL
Thickness: 1.60mm.
Hole diameter: 1.0mm.

Our company’s breadboards (universal board) has the following distinctive features:
1, This is double-side spray tin process 2.54 general spacing, 1.6mm thickness, convenient welding, good anti-oxidation, difficult deformation, good flatness;
2, Pin holes are designed for the large hole (1.0 mm), can be installed almost all conventional pins components;
3 Increase signal into welding plate, plate edge for both side, easy to make some engineering samples or prototype with signal input;
4, Our company adopts the high quality of the FR4 full glass fiber sheet, can effectively prevent welding plate fall off;
5, Pin hole, all for the sink copper hole;
6, Because of these above characteristics,using our universal board for your prototype or engineering board, can make the board has high mechanical strength, welding firmly, etc;