Request For Quote

circuit-board2In order to quote assembly work, we would like you to supply specific documentation to adequately quote all phases of the assembly job. Some of the items listed may not apply to a specific job; however, the more information our engineering department is provided, the more accurate we can be in performing the assembly service as requested.

1. Bill of materials. This list should include manufacturer numbers and reference numbers. Manufacturer numbers are necessary if Chenonn Elec is being asked to purchase components.

2. Assembly print. This shows the specific placement of parts, printed circuit board size and proper preparation of parts. Please submit any special assembly instructions.

3. Production Model. This enables us to see the physical shape of the board and necessary for machine set-up (not applicable for prototypes).

4. Packaging. If parts are being supplied, notify Chenonn Elec of packaging of those parts, e.g. bulk or tape reel.

5. Printed circuit boards. If printed circuit boards are being supplied, we would need to know the tooling hole size, board size and type of mask to prescreen wave solder process.

6. Product Sensitivity. Please note if components that have an ESD sensitivity, thermal sensitivity, or solvent sensitivity.

3 Great Ways to Order PCB Assembly

  • Kitted or Consigned – You supply the parts.
  • Turnkey – We supply the parts.
  • Combo – You supply some parts, we do the rest.