Kitting Services

In these challenging times of social distancing and remote learning, getting products to where they are needed has never been more important. Our kitting service provides customized kits for particular courses or projects, on dates that suit your schedule or timetable. We can also now ensure they are delivered to homes rather than the college or university, if required.

Customized kits for specific courses

You can specify the electronic components, arts and craft materials, tools, test equipment, fasteners and fixings or any parts you need for particular courses, and we will supply the products in wallets or cases. If a certain brand, size or type of product is not available we will provide the closest match on quality and price.

Kits for regular projects and enrolment packs

For regular projects or enrolment packs, we can pack components, arts and craft materials, PCBs and fixings in the quantities required for each student, so you do not have to sort through and make up your own bags. There is only one code to order when replenishing stock.

To enquire about our kitting services for education, especially while institutions are managing their courses during the Covid-19 pandemic, please contact us at